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Choosing images to use in your branding is one way to bring your brand to life.  Knowing the colors, season and style is wonderful, but you have to implement it!  In this lesson we will look at choosing images that fall into your seasonal aesthetic and using the editing process to better align your visuals and create consistency.



Spring images are bright, clear and often imply movement. Look for clarity and color (your colors!)  Visual movement might be defined by an image of something in motion, but less literally, you might look for objects that imply motion if they apply to your brand.  If not, a design trick for creating dynamic images is the use of diagonal lines.  Whether objects are placed on a diagonal or there is an actual diagonal, this helps your eye move around the image... and suddenly it feels dynamic.  If your image doesn't have these lines, try rotating it and copping it in to be set on a slight diagonal like the image to the left. 




Summer images have a less saturated quality and a softness to them.  The subject matter may still be cool or edgy, but the image feels gentle or hazy.  The composition for summer brands is more orderly.  The lines are often vertical or horizontal and feel natural and easy to the eye.  When editing an image for a summer brand, try dropping the saturation slightly. If your brand is light and airy, possibly upping the brightness slightly for a washed-out look.  Remember summer isn't always toned down- the bright greens of summer grass may be vivid and fresh depending on your brand's color scale.  Images for summer brands will often fall towards cooler filters.  Look for a slightly blue tint to the whites (not too much... restraint in editing is key)



Autumn images are rich in color and depth.  They offer a boldness while not feeling overpowering.   The tones are warm and whites will often have a warm, sun-kissed look.  When editing, look for filters that add a smidge of saturation and a warm tone to the image.  Autumn brands may utilize dynamic or calming compositions depending on the specific personality traits of your brand.  For autumn brands, you might consider editing styles that feel more rustic- perhaps adding a graininess to the image or even old film-like effects.  Again, careful to consider your personality- if you're a modern-feeling autumn, you'll need to balance the elements.  So a grainy image style might need a cleaner typography palette.    



For winter images, look for contrast and dynamic layouts.  You want diagonal lines and angles in the composition to lead your eye around the image.   Also look for a clarity to the overall style.  The colors are clear for your images, but don't be afraid to mix in black and white if it fits your palette.  In filters, you will want clean, crisp whites.  Be careful not to take an image temperature too cool or too warm; you risk taking away the cutting-edge clarity of the winter personality.    

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