5: brands have personalities too



Now that you have finished your brand mood board, you should have a pretty good idea of your brand's personality.  Is your brand deep, luxurious & moody?  Or maybe light, bright & playful?  Most brands fall into 1 of 4 major personalities.  They may pull in attributes from one other personality, but one personality should be dominant. This personality will guide your brand look & feel.  This is by far the most important decision in your branding process.  You can update your colors, your logo or your website, but if you suddenly change personalities, you'll probably lose your followers. For example, if you're funny, party-girl friend was suddenly introverted & melancholy, you would probably feel confused or worried she was having an identity crisis.  Don't do that to your audience.  Don't pretend to be something you aren't either.  If you do, you'll just be cultivating the wrong audience & have to flip them later.  Looking at your brand goals, values + niche, which personality does your brand fit into? 


Spring brands are masters of warmth, creativity, and sparkle. They thrive on movement, pattern and handwritten flourish. Spring brands are often seen as social, approachable and forward-thinking. They aren’t concerned with current trends, but following their own beat. Spring brands are often female-based and have a bright, whimsical personality that’s inspirational.


Summer palettes are muted, and cool. They often reflect brands that are creative, supportive and feminine. Characteristics like supportive, elegant and aspirational are often associated with summer palettes. The tones and imagery for summer brands is often gentle,muted and has a casual, hazy vibe.


Fall brands are rich, warm, traditional and authentic.  They often have a rustic vibe.  Think wood textures, organized patterns.  The colors are deep umbers, cherry red and navy blue.  These brands are unusual, unfussy and often have natural elements. 


Winter personalities are to-the-point, bold, risk-takers. They have unique opinions and a bold aesthetic that sets them apart as visionaries. Winter brands are often associated with high art, fashion and luxury. They may be high-end, expensive or dramatic.


before you move on

Have you determined your brand's personality?  How does it align with your brand values + traits?  Do not move forward in the course until you have a clear perspective of which season you will cultivate.