4: creating a brand mood board + inspiration

Creating a mood board is the first step in bringing your brand vision to life visually.  A mood board can be super simple and is essentially just a collection of images that reflect a personality or vibe.  In the next lessons we will extract key concepts, traits and ideas from your boar, but for now we are simply looking to collect ideas and pull together inspiration.


Build a large collection of ideas & inspiration to pull from.  In this step, you are looking for VISUAL inspiration.  So the content of your collection does NOT need to match what your brand will be about.  You might be pinning food images because you like the vibe but your brand is about finances- that's cool.  

The best way for collecting LOTS of visual inspiration is on pinterest.  I suggest creating 1 board and beginning to collect pins that reflect the same aesthetics you;d like to see in your own brand.  Go with your gut- what are you drawn to & reflects your brand vision.  Try not to overthink this.  Also, caption each photo with why you chose it.  What about that image moves you?  

example of a brand pinterest board

example of a brand pinterest board



Ask yourself the following questions:  What shapes stand out when I look at this board?  What colors are used often?  Do my images reflect a certain style or attitude? On the brand board above you can see the repetition of painterly marks, black and white with bold color pops, people-focused images and an overall 'airy' aesthetic.  These characteristics will guide the brand identity process.  


Create a mood board that represents the most distilled version of your Pinterest board.  Save the images that really catch you with colors & attitudes that speak to your brand. (if you have trouble saving, try screen shotting them... is shotting a word?) Below you will find a tutorial for creating your mood board.  One will use Pages & the other Photoshop.  Work in whichever you are comfortable.