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It's important to push your brand's vision + visuals beyond your primary spaces.  By keeping consistent on social media and through your print materials, you'll be more recognizable and build a trust with your audience.  You may think that the 'sameness' would become stale, but in reality, it helps your audience see you as reliable and consistent.  If you have a stellar site and then your 'thank you' notes look like rubbish, they'll probably feel uneasy.  The truth is that your poorly executed notes are making them second-guess the personality they understood.  It's the same if you had a super fashionable friend who one night went for cocktails in tennis shoes and  sweat pants... wtf!  You'd be concerned that something was wrong with her or you were deceived into believing all the luster of her usual appearance.  You don't want people to think this about your brand.  Confusion is your enemy!


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