6 color theory, not your favorite colors

So you have a few favorite colors.  That does not mean that those are your new brand colors.  You should relate to your colors, shades & hues, but they are determined by your brand personality.  Before we look at how you will use toning & shading to determine exact colors, let's take a look at the personality each color has on its own.  As you read about the personality of each color, ask yourself the following:

How does this color fit into my OVERALL BRAND PERSONALITY?  Am I selecting colors that blend to create the personality I want for my brand? 

(You do not need to worry about the visual balance of the colors quite yet!) feeling overwhelmed?  Refer back to your mood board.  You probably already selected colors based on your 'gut' feeling about them ... eh em... that's the way they made you feel... ya' know, their personality!




As you look at the colors & their personalities, notice how each color flows into the other.  Colors all come from a mix of red, yellow & blue.  These are the primary colors.  From blending these we get the secondary colors

  • red + yellow= orange
  • red + blue= purple
  • blue + yellow = green

Essentially all hues will fall onto this scale.  A green may lean towards the yellow side or towards the blue side.  As we 'mix' the colors (imagine pain) we are blending more from each side of the personality as well.  A very green yellow will start to take on traits such as healthy and restorative. While an orangey yellow will feel more energetic and social.  

For this lesson just make notes of the way you might want to blend your selected colors.  In the next lesson we will pull out exact colors and work them together.  But before we make it gorgeous, we need to know that our colors are going to be able to do the work.