7 color: mixing your perfect palette

In the last lesson, you decided on your brand personality.  That personality will influence how you decide on your final colors. Most personalities can use the full spectrum of color, but they will need to be in certain variations in order to keep within your personality.  Let's take a look at your personality's color attributes.  For example, if you are a summer personality, your colors will be airy, muted and cool.  The colors are determined by the personality traits you are trying to evoke in your brand, but the shades and value of each color will be determined by the overall season the brand falls into. If you have not yet read the chapter about seasonal palettes, it's a good idea to read that first and then come back here to put the theories into action.  

Before you begin see if you can guess the seasons for each color variation.  (Test your skills, no one will judge you if you're wrong!)  Use the video lessons below to help guide you in refining your won palette.



pink examples for each season

pink examples for each season

fall, summer, winter, spring

green examples in each season

green examples in each season

spring, winter, summer, fall

If you're still feeling totally overwhelmed about pulling your palette, you can work with a more traditional way to choose colors.  Analogous, triadic and complementary color schemes can be very powerful and give you a great guideline for where to start your color journey.  Just keep in mind your personality and the color traits. 


video lessons + tutorial

a look at traditional color methods


read the full blog post about traditional color methods