+ using patterns: formal vs informal

Once you've had a look at your patterns and noted what you may like to use, you'll want to think about how you might incorporate those patterns into your brand.  You can do so by formally using them as stand-alone brand elements or by including them as secondary motifs within your imagery.  Don;t be afraid to use your patterns and textures in both formal & informal ways!  They don't need to fall into just one category. 

Take a look at the examples shown.

FORMAL USE (2).png

Places to incorporate 'formal' pattern use: 

  • printed collateral- business cards, postcards and boxes
  • website footer- be careful that it doesn't make the content too hard to read
  • blog post graphics- as a basic and easy to use / reuse visual element
  • email header / footer
  • as a background for images

Informal use:

  • as backgrounds in pictures
  • in your objects within images
  • DIY: have a pattern or texture you love?  Try printing it at home or having it printed professionally (depending on the detail / texture) and use it in your images. 
  • DIY 2: find a fabric that you can use as a photo backdrop- fur, leather and printed patterns (stripes, checks, dots) are easy to find at the craft store.  Just layer other things with then to get a great, branded shot.

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